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Today I worked on my presentation and it is now finished! I hope three slides is long enough 😅

Working on my presentation

Today in Genius Hour I mostly worked on my presentation. In my presentation I will include what I have learned and how I have learned it.


Today I made the draft of my presentation.

Creatin' Functions!!! (₌ㅇᆽㅇ₌)

I've been learning to create functions! One of the functions i've created was a right turn function. I created it by using 3 left turns. ☺

Let's Debug

I am continuing to use Swift Playgrounds on the i-pad. I have begun the process of learning to debug!!! 🙂🐛

Learning to make an app!

Hey guys I have found a cool app that teaches you some basic code for Swift.


I have done my project pitch and i'm very exited to start creating my app!!! (after research of course...) 😀😉🦄🐖 I will need to find out how to create the app and put it on the app store. I'm not yet sure what my apps purpose is but a game would be cool.

Genius Hour

For Genius Hour I will be focusing on creating an app for the IOS app store. 😀🎉📱